Prime Brokerage Application

A premier international investment bank had a 10 year-old, high performance, cross asset class client trading application. More than 15 different asset classes can be traded on their high volume, low latency platform. Over the years as more asset classes have been built on the platform, the user design had become inconsistent. Maintenance had increased as different development groups had copied and modified once common components. The bank recognized the need to begin introducing new advanced features into the interface and begin standardizing on newer toolkits. We worked directly with traders to understand their needs and observe their trading flows within their complex, high paced work environment. We created a new vision for the trading user interface featuring a highly user customizable component framework and interface standards that applied across all asset classes. This led to a more consistent cross product experience and improved the opportunity to promote cross product trading. As a result, traders are able to customize their components and windows to better take advantage of the 6-8 monitors traders typically use. Finally we built the frameworks to support user customization and implemented the new features in one of their highest volume asset classes.