Education Finance

Having recently sent his daughter off to college, John Hupalo had experienced first-hand the complex process of planning, applying and paying for college. Leveraging his career in financing education, he identified a need to use technology to create better planning products and to find more consumer friendly financial products based on the premise that providing tangible incentives to students to become financially literate will allow them to make better choices and minimize the amount of debt they take. Appalled by the dearth of useful tools that could assist with the college planning process he approached OpenCrowd with the idea of launching a business, Invite Education, centered around improving this process through better planning tools and integrating them with a consumer friendly loan and other services. OpenCrowd helped Invite Education envision and map out the opportunity based on the initial high level ideas. We developed the competitive landscape and the storyboards that defined the features and functions that would appeal to the target audience. The outcome was to launch the business with the goal of building a trusted long-term relationship with parents and students that provided comprehensive tools for financial and career planning ranging from test preparation services, to college selection process tools savings plans, scholarships, students loans and job placement services. We built the roadmap with a definition of the minimum viable product for first launch and the initial informational site to launch the business.